Two scuba divers in Florida got a rude awakening after returning to their car in Orlando.

While parking overnight at the Orlando Airport Mariott hotel, the divers left their dive gear locked in their car. When the victims went outside to their car on Friday morning, a window was smashed and their dive gear and other valuable items were stolen. The stolen gear included Megalodon rebreather systems and two Shearwater computers, along with other gear. Altogether, the loss reached $27,000, and Orlando police said they have not identified any suspects at this point. The victims were not named in the online report.

Sadly, most dive gear that is stolen is never recovered. Even if photos are taken and serial numbers are recorded by the owner, this information is rarely referenced later by dive shops or future owners. Dive gear is also easily bought and sold on sites like Craigslist and eBay.


While this happened on the other side of the country, it’s a good reminder that cars are easily broken into and that divers are a prime target, especially here in California – and especially this time of year. If you’re diving this summer, read this article we published last Fall, written by La Jolla Police Officer Travis Whipple:

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