If you’ve been involved in diving for a while, chances are you’ve either met, heard of, or have read some of Steven Barsky’s work.

Steven Barsky

Steven Barsky

A true veteran of the industry, Steven has been involved in diving instruction since 1968 and has been an instructor since 1970. On the recreational side of diving, he has been an instructor with PADI, NAUI, and SDI, and he’s written textbooks for NAUI, SSI, SDI, and Dive Rescue International. In the commercial diving field, Steve has produced manuals for most of the diving helmets and masks sold by Kirby Morgan. He attended the two year commercial diving program at Santa Barbara City College, and his commercial diving experience includes saturation dives to 580 feet.

Through his company Hammerhead Press, Steven recently released his latest educational DVD titled “Careers in Diving”, which introduces divers and anyone interested in the underwater world to some of the many career options available in the diving industry. Careers in Diving goes beyond simple introductions to different careers – Steven takes you along as experts in each field are interviewed and followed through in their jobs in the industry.

Careers explored include:

–       Hollywood Cinematographer (Hilarie Brosio)

–       Fish & Wildlife Warden (Rod Buckler)

–       LA County Sheriff Dive Team (Dave Carver)

–       FBI Team Leader (Bobby Chacon)

–       Underwater Photographer (Amanda Cotton)

–       Marine Collector (Darryl Deleske(

–       Dive Boat Captain (Glenn Fitzler)

–       Underwater Stuntwoman (Szilvia Gogh)

–       Marine Biologist (Matt Kay)

–       Wildlife Videographer (Lance Milbrand)

–       Sea Urchin Diver (Chris Nelson)

–       Scuba Equipment Marketing (Renee Pelissier)

–       Scuba Instructor (Karen Praxel)

–       Dive Store Owner (Jim Smith)

–       Diana Steller (Diving Safety Officer)

–       Dive Guide (Sharon Van Nickirk)

–       Commercial Diver (Erik Woltjen)


Whether you’re interested in a career in diving or just curious of all the opportunities available in the diving industries, Careers in Diving is an excellent introduction to some of the many options available. It would also be a great DVD for hplogoschool-age students who would like to see how others make their living in the dive industry.

The run time for the program 125 minutes, and each interview can be individually viewed via the scene selection menu. The disk also includes several bonus features, including deleted scenes and director and producer bios.

Careers in Diving is available directly from Hammerhead Press by clicking here. It sells for $13.95.