Photo by Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game

You’ve heard the phrase “Once in a blue moon”, right? For fishermen in Nome, Alaska, something far less common than a blue moon recently occurred. An extremely rare blue-colored red king crab recently caught was part of a fisherman’s catch.

KNOM reports that fisherman Frank McFarland found the blue crab in his pot when fishing on the fourth of July off Nome. The blue crab is being kept alive at the Norton Sound Seafood Center until McFarland can have it mounted. The rare crab has become a celebrity of sorts, with people showing up at the center to have their photos taken with it.

Scott Kent, with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Nome, says he has no idea why the red king crab is blue, but suspects it’s just a mutation.

(Don’t you think it would be nice to set this one free?)