Ocean Encounters Curacao is recently introduced their new “Lionfish Scuba Dive Experience Week” (LSDEW), a program designed to introduce divers of all levels into helping fight the Caribbean’s utmost threat. This program, which was inspired and developed with input from Donna Lattin form South Pacific Island Travel, is quickly growing in popularity.

This program is only for groups, and participants will learn use of the tools employed by Ocean Encounters to safely hunt and collect Lionfish, participate as hunters, learn to clean and prepare Shashimi and make Ceviche, and get a free “Lionfish Dinner” at downtown “Iguana Café” right by iconic Queen Emma floating bridge.

As this program requires extra manpower and appropriate facilities, Ocean Encounters Curacao has certain criteria for groups wanting to participate, including a minimum of 14 participants (maximum 20). It is currently only offered from their shop at Lions Dive, so for accommodations Lions Dive needs to be used, unless participants arrange their own transportation. It also requires Saturday to Saturday stays, with the program running Sunday thru Thursday. Black-out dates are December 20 thru January 9.

The rack rate for this program is $871.00 per diver including sales tax and is fully commissionable. This does not include accommodation and/or airport transfers. The comps will be determined as follows: 14th and 20th spots are free.

Spotter Program on Wednesdays

For individuals or groups smaller than 14 divers, they offer a program on Wednesday afternoons, where participating divers get a presentation, go on a 1-tank boat dive as spotter, and get a free Lionfish dinner at downtown “Iguana Café”.

For divers with a boat diving package the retail is $78.48 including sales tax.  This can be pre-booked. If necessary, the transportation charge is $20/person payable at shop.

For more details, a comprehensive program overview and answers to your specific questions, please contact