If you ever see Mark Lozano in the water, chances are he won’t have a tank on his back.

Mark Lozano

Mark Lozano

Mark, owner of Lozano’s Freediving Instruction, is based in Oceanside. Originally certified by FII founder and 13-time world record holder Martin Stepanek, Mark now trains and certifies avid underwater hunters, elite USA sponsored athletes, and even the US Navy SEALS on how to increase their endurance and comfort in diving. Mark is not only very accomplished in his freediving abilities, he’s also an exceptional instructor who consistently gets great reviews from his students.

Mark’s classes are offered at two levels. His Level 1 class is suited for anyone who is comfortable in the water and interested in learning the skills needed to safely freedive to depths of 66 feet. The two-day course includes topics of breathing techniques, equipment selection, safety, and correct freediving methods, and is taught with one day in a pool and a second day in the open water. Once successfully completed, the diver will receive certification as a Level I Freediver (it’s important to note that certification is not dependent on the depth you dive to in the course, but the skills and knowledge).

After completing the Level I course, divers are eligible for taking the 4-day Level II course, which will help enable divers to dive as deep as 130 feet. More information on the courses available is available here.

Mark’s next Level I free diving class is coming on May 24-25 at Ocean Adventures Dive Co. at 1915 Lincoln Blvd, Venice. For more information on this upcoming course, click here to visit the Ocean Adventures website or give them a call at (310) 578-9391.

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