Monterey’s Light & Motion has just announced the release of their Sola Tech Laser 600 Tech light, which offers divers the capability to both signal and share observations with state-of-the art laser technology.

The new patent-pending Sola Laser adds a powerful green laser beam to the center of a narrow 8-degree beam. The laser is operable with or without the white spot beam. When used together, the green laser provides a marker in the center of the white beam that makes it easy to point out details and signal to dive buddies that general lights can’t.


The factory sealed and depth-tested design means no fussing with O-rings and batteries. The SOLA Laser 600 has a built-in lithium-ion battery that will deliver a solid 2 hours on high, 4 hours on medium, and 8 hours on low. The fast charge provides recharges the light in 1 hour, 30 minutes.

The Sola Laser 600 provides as much illumination as many canister lights at a quarter of the size and weight in a compact, snag-free design.

SOLA Tech 600 Laser is easy to use. Slide the magnetic switch back to change the power levels: high, medium, and Low. Hold the switch forward to engage the laser with or without the white beam – let the switch go and the laser is off.



Product Specs:

• 600 Lumens
• 8-degree Spot in water FWHM
• Green Laser
• 3 Power Levels: 2 to 8-hour runtime
• 1 Hour 30 Min Fast Charge (charges to 80% in one hour)
• Weighs 300 grams
• Factory sealed
• Depth Tested to 90 Meters

Price: $799.00

For more information, visit Light & Motion.