LED technology has brought some of the most dramatic changes in diving equipment, and when it comes to underwater video, LED technology continues to make incredible strides. One example of the continued evolution is a new 26,000 lumen LED video light showcased by Keldan Lights at this year’s DEMA show in Las Vegas.

Keldan's new 26,000 lumen video light

Keldan’s new 26,000 lumen video light

Daniel Keller, founder and owner of Keldan Lights, came all the way from Switzerland to showcase his lights, several of which were introduced as prototypes at last year’s show. This time around, Keldan’s 26,000-lumen light and its smaller cousin, a 21,000-lumen video light, were presented and are now available in the U.S.

The 24X FLUX 26,000 Lumen Underwater Video Light can put out a maximum of 26,000 lumens of light at a color temperature of 5,000 kelvin. The soft 110-degree beam has no hotspots and illuminates the entire range smoothly, and offers a burn time of 45 minutes to 15 hours, depending on the output level.


One key feature of the 24X is the variable power, with 9 settings ranging from 15 – 300 Watt. On the back of Keldan’s lights is an easy to read eight stage bar display that shows both the output level and the remaining burn time.

The design of the light is optimized for minimal negative buoyancy in water. The complete set is only 0.5kg negative, and a foam bracket is available as an accessory to further reduce the negative buoyancy to only 0.3kg. It’s built to be extremely durable and the LED can not break and has a virtually unlimited lifetime. Uniquely, the light can also be used above the water as well – an integrated overtemperature protection circuit monitors and controls the housing temperature and the power will be limited to keep the temperature within an acceptable range.

The Keldan Video 24X FLUX 26,000 Lumen Underwater Video Light is available now at Keldan retailers and has a retail price of $4,490. The Keldan Video 18X FLUX 21,000 Lumen Underwater Video Light has the same features in slightly smaller package and retails for $3,990.