Dive gear distributor H2Odyssey, based in Vista, California, has recently introduced a new line of dry bags to help keep your electronics (and other items) safe in, around, and below the water.

The GoBag is a waterproof, magnetic self-sealing dry bag that uses rare-earth magnets to quickly and easily close the end to create a water-tight seal. The bags are waterproof down to 100 feet in depth and are also dust-proof for use on the surface. The bag is available in 3 sizes – the Minnow (3.5×5 inches), Dolphin (6.4×4.4 inches), and Orca (11.7×8.9 inches). Each GoBag comes with a lifetime warranty.

Below, Adam describes and demonstrates the new GoBag for us:

The GoBags are available at local dive shops and outdoor sports retailers. More information can also be found online at www.gobaginternational.com.