An engineering school graduate in Australia has figured out another way to put a scuba tank to good use: powering his motorcycle.

Dean Benstad’s motorcycle, called the 02 Pursuit, uses rotary air compression engine, set inside the frame of a Yamaha WR250R. The 25-pound engine powers the rear wheel, and the speed is controlled by squeezing the throttle which controls how much air is injected into the engine.

How long will a scuba tank last? Yea, that was my question too.

It turns out that this bike turns some impressive numbers: The o2 Pursuit can travel 62 miles on a full tank of air and has a top speed of 87 miles per hour.

Using air is an improvement over electric for both convenience and environmental friendliness. There’s no battery to dispose of at the end of its life, and filling the tank takes a few minutes versus hours for charging a battery. The air also never wears out like a battery will in long-term storage, so it can be stored forever without having to be “recharged”.

The bike is also pollution-free – “When the air comes out, it’s in the same state as when you compressed it,” Benstead said. “You haven’t technically used anything.”

Of course, the bike would also require the investment of a compressor, or access to one at a local dive shop. But for the cost of a fill, the bike can take you 62 miles, which isn’t bad.