A quick look on YouTube will reveal thousands of scuba-related videos – everything from dramatic breath-hold dives to wreck dives, instructional videos, and just people having fun. These all appeal to many different divers, many based on their particular interest or focus when diving.


PADI has recently produced a series of videos which tell some inspiring stories of what inspired people choose to begin scuba diving and advance their dive training. They’re an excellent resource for those trying to share the “why” behind scuba diving, and for encouraging others to learn to dive.

One video we particularly enjoyed is one of scuba diver Janna Nichols, who talks about her personal scuba diving experiences and what led her to work towards her PADI Master Scuba Diver (MSD) rating. Janna took her dive training a bit later in life, after he kids had grown and at a time when she was still craving adventure. It’s a great story which will hopefully encourage others to both begin diving and advance their training.

Here’s a look at the video:

PADI has done a nice job with this video in not only promoting their organization, but also of sharing inspiration and a love of diving from the point of view of regular people who you may see diving everyday.

This is great video to share with anyone you know who may be interested in learning to dive or advancing their training. And if you have other favorite videos that share the “why” behind learning to dive, please share them in the comments below.

Great job, Janna!