A company in Australia has developed a wetsuit that is ‘invisible’ or repulsive to sharks. The wetsuit is designed for protecting scuba divers, surfers, and other waterspouts enthusiasts against shark attacks in areas where sharks are prevalent.

The wetsuits integrate patented Shark Attack Mitigation System technology (SAMS). SAMS attempts to interrupt the senses of these large, biting sharks.

The suits have been tested on sharks and the results are astoundingly positive. Sharks seem to back away when seeing the colors that are portrayed on these suits. SAMS was shaped with the aid of specialists in the field of neurology and behavior of sharks.

The technology has been extremely positive in the ocean, and experts say that the suits will limit future shark attacks. The wet suit is not a definite safe haven from killer fish but the specialists do think that the design will prevent attacks.

There are two designs that the suit follows; one with highly conflicting stripes to deter the shark by making it think the wearer is uneatable. These stripes are black and white on this suit and it is intended to be worn by surfers. The zebra-like patterns are supposed to confuse the sharks.

The other design follows a pattern that uses a variety of blues and greys, making the wearer almost invisible by imitating the actual water that the wearer is in. This suit makes it hard for the shark to focus on the wetsuit because it looks too much like the surrounding seawater. These wetsuits are designed to be worn by scuba divers and snorkelers.

Shark experts have researched for decades about what killer sharks tend to look away from. These sharks veer from potential preys that are decorated with highly conflicting colors.

One of the most common questions when a wetsuit is bought is “will I look like a seal?” No one wants to look like a seal, and the fact is, with this new technology, a wetsuit wearer will not look like a seal.