Springs and water-filled caves can be beautiful, they invite curiosity, and with the advent of SCUBA gear came the ability to explore these intriguing places. With exploration comes danger and most SCUBA divers are not prepared for the unique set of hazards encountered in cave diving.

Since the first recorded death of a SCUBA diver in a cave back in 1955 over 300 divers have died in water-filled caves in the United States. These tragedies involved all levels of divers from the newest openwater student to experienced instructors.


Accident analysis has taught us lessons so today we have specialized training, and equipment designed to allow us to dive safely in caves and overhead environments. Without proper training, equipment, and experience venturing into an underwater cave can be deadly and, “there is nothing in any cave worth dying for.”


In an effort to save lives the ADM Exploration Foundation has prepared an impactful new video entitled Go No Farther that graphically illustrates a tragic cave diving death. The goal is to educate and warn all SCUBA divers of the dangers of caves and overhead environments. The Foundation would like to make the video available to all divers and instructors, both online, and for presentation to classes, dive clubs, and at other events.

For information, please visit the ADM Exploration Foundation website: http://www.admfoundation.org/