He said he was going to do it, and he did. AAn Egyptian scuba diver set a new world record Friday when he reached a depth of 1,066 feet. The previous official record holder for deepest saltwater scuba dive was set by South African diver Nuno Gomez, who dove to a depth of 318.25 meters (1,044 feet) in 2005.

Ahmed Gabr, a retired military officer, said he felt “unbelievable” and after the dive was met by a Guinness World Records representative who handed him a certificate for the world’s deepest male scuba dive.

The dive took 14 hours  to travel 1,066 feet down and back (mostly back)!

One of the highlights – “A baby [white tip oceanic] shark hung out with me for six hours,” he said.

The record depth was verified, in part, through tags on the descent line which Ahmed removed as he reached each depth.


Ahmed Gabr (Photo Courtesy of H2O Divers Dahab)

Ahmed Gabr (Photo Courtesy of H2O Divers Dahab)

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