DUI technicians repairing drysuits

DUI technicians repairing drysuits

If you’ve got a leak in your drysuit, it’s now easier to have it repaired – just send it to DUI.

For over 50 years, Diving Unlimited International has been designing and manufacturing DUI drysuits. In addition to designing and manufacturing, DUI also services diving and surface drysuits for the recreational, technical, public safety, commercial and military markets.

Now, DUI offers premium drysuit repairs for all drysuit brands, and is also DUI now making their ZipSeals available for all drysuit brands. Until now, DUI’s patented ZipSeals have only been available on DUI drysuits. The ZipSeals allow the diver to replace a torn wrist or neck seal in less than a minute, and are available in latex and silicone. ZipSeals also allow you to use DUI ZipGloves in place of the wrist seal for additional warmth.

DUI Premium Drysuit Repair Services include a 20-Point Drysuit Inspection with an in-water leak test. Repairs include waterproof zipper replacement, boot replacement, pocket and pad installation, puncture and tear repair and seal replacement.  All drysuits will receive a final in-water leak test after completion of the work to ensure water tight integrity of all repairs.

DUI has also developed a proprietary software program called SaM™ which tracks all aspects of the service from receipt of the drysuit, sends an e-mail of the itemized recommended work and costs along with an estimated time for completion.  SaM tracks the life and service history of DUI drysuits and the service history of non-DUI drysuits sent to DUI for service. DUI has an extensive inventory of seals, zippers (metal and plastic), boot styles and sizes, valves, pockets, pads and more, and all repairs will be done using genuine DUI parts.

DUI Premium Drysuit Repair Service is available direct from DUI or through your local dive retailer. For additional information, please visit www.DUI-Online.com/repair-service or contact DUI Customer Support at Support@DUI-Online.com, (800)325-8439  or (619)236-1203. Their business hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Pacific Time.