While spearfishing off the coast of Mexico, Cameron Dietrich spotted a distressed creature bobbing up and down near the surface of the ocean.  Without hesitation, he and his buddy Colin Sutton swam over and discovered a distressed sea turtle with rope wrapped and knotted around one of its front fins. The animal was unable to paddle.


After carefully sliding the rope off the turtle’s fin, the turtle swam free, as expected. What Cameron and Colin didn’t expect is that the turtle decided to take a brief detour to freedom to circle back and visit the divers. It swam over to Dietrich and stopped just inches away from his face and let Cameron hold it, as if to say “thank you”. The two remained close to each other for a few moments, with the turtle positioned between Dietrich and the surface. The turtle then slowly swam away while keeping level with Cameron as the two parted.
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