DiveNav, the developer of Nitroxbuddy, the world’s first Smartphone Oxygen Analyzer for SCUBA divers, announces the availability of its new product: cootwo, a dual-gas Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen analyzer.

cootwo is a dual-gas analyzer that can be used to measure the percent of Oxygen in a breathing gas while also monitoring the presence of Carbon Monoxide.

In addition to an Oxygen sensor and a Carbon Monoxide sensor, cootwo also includes a temperature sensor and an ambient pressure sensor used to improve accuracy.

Similarly to DiveNav’s existing Nitroxbuddy product, cootwo can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. The user can program it, calibrate it and perform analyses. Upon completion of an analysis the smartphone creates a log automatically.

cootwo can also be used as a stand-alone device as it includes its own display. In this case, the device will save the log of the analysis internally and the user can retrieve it later with a smartphone or a tablet.

cootwo’s innovative architecture and advanced integration allows a diver to analyze both Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide content of a tank without having to use 2 different devices. This translates to substantial cost, time and space savings when compared to 2 separate Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide analyzers.

cootwo contains a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and is compatible with DiveNav‘s My Nitroxbuddy app, which is already available for both iOS and Android devices.

cootwo is available in 3 configurations: CO only, dual-gas and Deluxe.

The CO only model does not include the Oxygen sensor and retails for $249.99.

The dual-gas model contains both CO and O2 sensors and retails for $299.99.

The Deluxe version includes the dual-gas model, a BC Low Pressure Inflator Adapter and a carrying case and retails for $349.99.

cootwo can be purchased from any DiveNav’s authorized dealer or directly from DiveNav online store: divenavstore.com.