Dive Rite has augmented their product line with the launch of their new LX20 light.

“We wanted to create a handheld primary light that suits any diver; be they entry level, an experienced recreational diver, a cave or a technical diver”, stated Jared Hires, Dive Rite’s Marketing Manager. “As our diving experience grows, our equipment requirements change. Divers build a relationship with their equipment and it can sometimes be quite sad when you hang up something for the last time because you have outgrown it. We thought it would be a great idea if there was some core kit (outside the obvious mask and fins) that the diver can retain and continue to actively dive in home waters or more exotic climates.”

Dive Rite's new LX20 light (click to enlarge)

Dive Rite’s new LX20 light (click to enlarge)


The LX20 is a very lightweight torch weighing in at 1.25 lbs. Its compact design (6 inches long and 2” inches diameter) makes it the perfect size to dive either handheld, on mounted on the hand using our uncluded QRM soft hand mount. This light delivers 20,000 LUX, easily outshining most corded primary lights on the market today.

The impressive 6 degree concentrated light beam bounces off a polished metal reflector, and punches a clear beam through the water. Part the secret is the 4 Lithium Ion rechargeable 18650, 3400ma protected-circuit batteries, and the unique LED chip that maximizes output and efficiency. The result is a 4 hours burntime on high power, 6 hours on low power and 36 hours in strobe mode.

“We are still an active part of the dive industry after 30 years for one very good reason. Our attention to detail and belief in building quality products. To ensure that each LX20 light meets the high standards it was designed under, every light is individually tested and the average LUX is measured at one meter using a Konica Minolta Chroma Meter. We also build equipment capable of extreme diving and the LX20 is a classic example of this. This little light has a depth rating of 500 feet. And it has been designed to withstand the rigours of the most extreme diving. The rotary magnetic on/off switch and a double o-ring seal body provides proven protection against flooding,” says Hires.

“We believe that the LX20 is the most versatile primary diving light coming onto the market. It is small in size and big on brightness. Isn’t it time you took a handful of sunshine diving?”

The LX20 Handheld Primary Light was introduced at the DEMA show late last year. First units shipped the first week of December and can be found at your local Dive Rite dealer.