Beautiful coral at Mabul Island resort

Beautiful coral at Mabul Island resort

The First of its Kind Tour is visiting 14 Dive Resorts throughout Southeast Asia, featuring a multi-episode Video Series, Insider Resort Reports and Daily Photos of Epic Diving.

Bluewater Travel is bringing an exclusive inside look at the best scuba resorts in Southeast Asia through a multi-episode web series, insider resort reports, and daily photos of the epic diving offered at these locations.

The Best of Southeast Asia is visiting dive resorts in Bali, North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat with a grand finale in Papua New Guinea. Hosted by Underwater Photography Guide editor Brent Durand, along with co-host Quinn Neugebauer, the duo are searching out the best reefs in each region and offering valuable travel tips along the way.

An industry-first, the Best of Southeast Asia web series will be filmed and shared on location at each resort, with real-time social media updates about each resort’s location, rooms, dining, scuba operation and the local diving. Each resort is home to an episode of the video series, where viewers can sit back for an in-depth tour hosted by Brent and Quinn.

“The Best of Southeast Asia will allow our audience to discover their dream dive destination in Southeast Asia. This event will not only add to our extensive first-hand knowledge of dive resorts and dive travel, but also create a fun and informative web series for our customers. Bluewater Travel has a reputation for unparalleled customer service when booking scuba travel and the Best of Southeast Asia is yet another way we look to lead the industry, benefitting both customers and resort partners,” emphasizes Bluewater Travel owner, Scott Gietler, who also owns Bluewater Photo and the Underwater Photography Guide.

The Best of Southeast Asia will be visiting Scuba Seraya, Villa Markisa and Lotus Bungalows in Bali; Murex Manado, Eco Divers Manado, Eco Divers Lembeh, Lembeh Resort, Murex Bangka, Gangga Island Resort and Siladen Resort in North Sulawesi; Papua Paradise Eco Resort and Papua Diving Resort in Raja Ampat; and Walindi Plantation Resort and Lissenung Island Resort in Papua New Guinea.

The final two weeks of the event will visit the incredible diving in Papua New Guinea, made possible with the support of Papua New Guinea Tourism. Aquatica Digital, manufacturer of high-quality underwater housings, is making underwater photos and videos possible. I-Torch is providing underwater photo and video lighting.

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