Underwater photography products manufacturer Beneath the Surface has recently announced their newest product, the buoyancy float system. Designed specifically for the BtS ball-jointed arms, the new system is easy to install, adjustable to suit personal needs, lightweight and affordable.

Each 2″ float segment provides up to +4 ounces of buoyancy, so even the heaviest underwater camera system can be substantially “lightened up” underwater. The floats are manufactured from a new high-tech, high density foam and have been thoroughly tested to well beyond sport diving depths.

The system is available as three different kits to accommodate the most popular arm combinations:
BF-3 – 3 float kit for 3″-5″ BtS arms retails for $39.95
BF-5 – 5 float kit for 5″-8″ BtS arms retails for $49.95
BF-7 – 7 float kit for 8″-10″ BtS arms retails for $59.95

As with all BtS products, they are all made in the USA and BtS stands behind them with an unconditional warranty.

To find a dealer near you, click here. For more information, visit www.beneaththesurface1.com or call BtS directly at 909-633-2887.