As part of its new Women’s Collection, BARE is introducing the Nixie, specially designed to focus on what women need from a wetsuit. The 7mm and 5mm thickness are available now, the 3/2mm available May 2015.

Nixie-DNW-1“Nixie is a complete redesign of our women’s wetsuit approach,” explains Tyler Dickman, Brand Manager for BARE. “Our team of female designers spent a lot of time surveying the market, learning what women wanted functionally from their suits as well as taking inspiration from design trends outside the industry. They came up with the Nixie, the first wetsuit by BARE that was created for women who want to look as great as they feel in a suit that performs well in any setting or watersport activity.”

The Nixie series is designed for performance as well as appearance. Nixie combines sleek, slimming lines and fashion-forward colors with BARE’s trademark SECURE-LOCK construction, SKIN-IN FLIP SEALS at the mid-forearm and mid-calf all wrapped in a silky soft FULL-STRETCH neoprene and an ergonomic fit for extra comfort.

“These new suits are the beginning of our new approach to women’s products,” Dickman says. “We understand that while men and women share the same desires and pursuits when it comes to watersports activities, what they need from a suit to achieve their best is quite different.”

“Our goal with Nixie was to create a wetsuit for every woman that not only looks and feels great on her, but also inspires and feeds her spirit of adventure. From all reports, we’ve succeeded.”

The Nixie is offered in 10 sizes and 7mm, 5mm, and 3/2mm thickness. Colors available are Glacier Blue, Pink and Black. For more information on the new Nixie suits, please click here.