The specialized needs of technical divers have been incorporated into X-Mission, BARE’s newest technical drysuit. The new X-mission suit was developed in conjunction with the Cavebase Exploration team, who provided their insights into the performance and precision needed for certain types of technical diving.

“We already have one technical suit, the HDC Expedition, but we wanted to push the limits and engineer the best possible suit that was extremely lightweight and flexible while also providing great durability,” explains Tyler Dickman, Brand Manager for BARE. “At BARE we have a thorough understanding of technical materials, construction and design. We augmented that knowledge with direct expertise from technical diving experts from the Cavebase Exploration team. Their help was invaluable in exploring the design and performance of the new lighter weight fabric we’re using in the suit.”


The X-Mission boasts a host of sophisticated features developed for this new drysuit, starting with the design of a new lightweight RipStop Trilaminate material that combines maximum flexibility with durability. The slim cut design significantly improves aqua dynamics. A number of other highly specific and technical dive-centric features are  also incorporated, including the newly designed tech boots, new tech pockets with enhanced features and a removable noncompressible inflator valve backer pad, that will be appreciated by cave purists and other technical divers.

“The X-Mission rounds out our line-up of suits for the technical diver,” says Dickman. “This suit allows divers to go deeper, stay down longer and be more comfortable. The Cavebase Team have been testing these suits with great results and are excited to be wearing them during their upcoming dive missions.”

The X-Mission is available in 16 sizes and as a MADE-TO-MEASURE drysuit. Colors available are Red and Black.

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