Atomic Aquatics is introducing a new fin design delivering ultimate power with every kick. The X1 BladeFin further expands the Atomic Aquatics line of premier SCUBA diving equipment at an attractive price point and is now available worldwide at authorized Atomic Aquatics retailers.

The new Atomic X1 BladeFin is a “paddle” fin design combining a solid internal frame and a firmer, shorter blade to maximize kicking power and raw thrust. The X1 BladeFin delivers optimal performance for general purpose diving, tech diving, extreme applications and alternate kicking styles.


According to Dean Garraffa, Atomic Aquatics co-founder and president, this new fin represents an outstanding value. “The X1 BladeFin is a high-performance fin that lives up to the Atomic name and reputation for quality at a moderate price,” he stated. “It is designed for specific diving styles with a firmer, more powerful kick.”

X1 BladeFins further expand the choices available in the Atomic Aquatics line for all types of diving styles. Atomic SplitFins™ have a flexible blade designed for “ease and efficiency of kicking.” Atomic BladeFins™ are designed for “power and speed” with a moderately firm blade. New Atomic X1 BladeFins  are designed with a firmer blade for “ultimate power” in general and tech diving. X1 BladeFins are also perfect for alternate kicking styles such as helicopter, scissors, backwards, flutter and frog-kicks.

“The X1 BladeFin is a rocket and moves through the water like no other fin at this price,” Garraffa said. “Also, it has the backbone to control and maneuver in tight spaces. Frog-kicking speed is excellent – one of the best features of this fin.”

The Atomic X1 BladeFin design employs some of the same engineering structures as the Atomic BladeFin, both differing significantly from conventional paddle fin designs. A unique combination of two frame structures work together to maximize kicking power. The “Power-Loop Monocoque” engineering structure of the foot pocket Power Plate is paired with rigid, low-profile side “Frame Rails” to efficiently transfer power from the leg and foot for more thrust with every kicking motion.

The lower-profile side rails of the X1 BladeFin provide less side-to-side resistance allowing divers to rotate, spin and turn more efficiently during alternate fin kicks. While other fin designs use taller side rails to the keep the fin tracking straight, the X1 BladeFin incorporates vertical stabilizers, or strakes, to add stability and lower drag, keeping the fin tracking straight without adding significant side drag like tall side rails.

Another design attribute of the X1 BladeFin that contributes to improved alternate kicking styles is asymmetrical blade bend flexing. Scissor kicks, frog-kicking and helicopter turning in tight circles put more emphasis on the up-kick or return stroke. For these kick styles, the X1 BladeFin provides more feel and control of the fin to maneuver more effectively without folding under heavy load.

The X1 BladeFin foot pocket design is taller with low-friction entry sections inside the pocket, perfect for large boots and drysuit boots. A patented Atomic Aquatics exclusive, the EZ-Lok Buckle System lets you easily snap the buckle on and off. Divers can also add popular Atomic Spring Heel straps to the X1 BladeFin.

High-performance, moderately priced Atomic Aquatics X1 BladeFins are styled to complement other Atomic dive equipment and are available in six colors and four sizes.