Divers who are connected using Smart Console

There are so many opportunities for things to go wrong when diving – it’s one of the reasons we’re always supposed to dive with a buddy. Even when diving with a buddy though, your partner is not always looking at you – understandably, they are looking at the picturesque marine life around them. What is the remedy for staying safe and being able to explore on your own? For years, people, including military personnel, have tried to develop communication devices that work while underwater and there has been success. American Navy submarines installed hydrophones, which are essentially microphones underwater, in order to communicate with other submarines and people on land. You could communicate to other people who were short distances away: Nevertheless, it worked. This was the first wave in underwater communication. Communication while scuba diving could make for much safer dives. That is why Aqwary is developing a communication system underwater that will show variables such as air supply and location to other divers that can be up to 328 feet away. The underwater network is powered by ultrasonic sound and can support up to 70 divers. The really cool thing about the smart console is that when you, or your dive buddy, run low on air, the Smart Console will automatically alert others. The Smart Console connects right to your air tank, and replaces the old console that was previously on your tank. Don’t worry about losing your old computer though because the Smart Console is a dive computer with tons of memory and an OLED screen. Variables shown on the Smart Console are distances from other divers, the temperature of the water, your depth, gas bar measurements, network location, compass, bottom time, and ascent rate. Another cool thing about the Smart console is that there are physical buttons to navigate through the different variables. Personalizing your dive computer is an option as well, with apps such as compass, map viewer, and buddy watch. The product is not yet released in the United States, and the release date is not yet set. For more information on the product visit their site,