Dr. Scott Sims is one of Hawaii’s best-kept local secrets. Not your typical veterinarian, he treats both wild and domestic animals, and when islanders need help with their pets and livestock, he’s the one they call. Some clients live in hard-to-reach locations, but if an animal needs help, Dr. Sims always finds a way to get there, even if he has to walk, ride a horse, drive an ATV, fly a plane or swim.

The new TV show “Aloha Vet”shares the life and work that this Hawaiian veterinarian does in Hawaii. The new show “Aloha Vet” premiers this Saturday, April 4th at 9pm ET/PT.

On the premiere episode this Saturday, Dr. Sims heads to Oahu to join his friend Dr. Holland on a shark-tagging expedition.

Will the show help educate people on the value of sharks and represent them in a good light? Time will tell, but at least this show won’t be featuring a Megalodon!