Destination: Green Planet, an online mini-documentary series highlighting positive efforts around the world that focus on protection, conservation and the overall health of our planet, is online now.

Destination Green Planet is focused on programs and individuals who promote the conservation of our planet’s remarkable resources. The topics are as varied as the planet they seek to protect. Shot on location, segments feature interviews with scientists, ecologists, environmentalists, historians, as well as leaders of business and industry.

Steffan Schulz, an honors graduate from the film and television department at San Jose State University, is the producer of the series. As a Producer/Director, Steffan has 30 years experience in the television & film industry and his programs have won over 100 national and international awards.

“From wind farms and solar resorts in the Caribbean to endangered species protection and research, this program will focus on the champions of the planet, those who are doing something today to nurture and protect the earth”, Steffan shares.

“Since the ocean is the genesis of most of our life support, many segments center there, but others will extend to alternative energy, wind, solar, education, training, legislation, and more. While the backbone of the program is the ocean, we have flexibility in regard to endangered species protection, recycling programs, green building projects and new transportation initiatives. They all end up impacting the ocean in the long run.”

Episode 1:  “Green Planet”
In Episode 1, environmental thought leaders and stewards discuss what the term “Green Planet” means to them.  This is the pilot episode of the Destination Green Planet Series.  From single individuals, to collections of progressive genius, these are the champions who stand sentry to our planet and its vital resources. Those who choose to do what’s right for the greater good, what’s right for nature and ultimately what’s right for all of us.
Enjoy Episode 1 above and stay tuned for the next episode which will be shared soon. For more information, questions or comments, please contact Steffan Schulz at Strange Media.